Paper Type : Brown / White

Preferred Wave: B, C, EB, BC Wave

Our most preferred and used cardboard box product is the standard box we call A-Box. It provides high efficiency and low cost in production and use.

Each parcel is produced in line with the demands of our customers. The desired size, printing and cutting is applied to the boxes. Our products are specially produced in accordance with storage, stacking, transportation and marketing.

Although these boxes are suitable for every sector, they are mainly used in the packaging of the following products;

Solid Products

Liquid Products

Plastic Products

Textile products

Sensitive (fragile) Products

Durable Goods


Chemical Products

Detergent Products

Saddlery Products

Metal and Mineral Products

Automotive Products

For example: If you want a moisture sensitive box, we produce a kraft box for you, or if you are going to pack heavy products, we produce a dopel (B+C Wave) weight product with high strength. These boxes are produced with our B wave, C wave, EB wave and E wave cardboard types.


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