Our understanding of human resources management includes the creation of approaches and practices that will support strategic goals and performance, as well as actively responding to the special needs of our company.

We sincerely believe in the necessity of providing equal employment opportunities regardless of gender, nationality, race, religion, political approach and physical condition.

A customer-oriented company that increases its capacity as a company, meets the expectations of its customers, values ​​its employees, is open to change, is a leader in its region, uses its resources efficiently as a company, is sensitive to the environment, occupational health and safety, complies with quality standards, constantly improves its technology, and is powered by the creativity of its employees. We are using human resources efficiently.

Our Human Resources Policy created with this perspective; In line with our company's strategic plan and goals, it aims to meet the manpower needs, to ensure the most efficient evaluation and continuity of this power.

In line with our policy; The aim of our Human Resources Policy is to plan, select, recruit, appoint and develop the human resources that will ensure the effective and efficient execution of the work in our company, to determine and meet the training needs, to make and implement the plans to meet the training needs, to carry out the performance management studies in accordance with the methods.


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