Our company was established as a sole proprietorship ( Kazım KEFELİ ) on an area of ​​300 m2 in Samsun Ilkadim Industrial Site in 2000 in the manufacturing of various printed and unprinted cardboard boxes, and operated here with 6 machines until 2004. In 2006, it purchased a 600 m2 real estate property in Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs Industrial Site and continued its activities here. Our company, which increased the printing speed and quality by 100% by renewing the printing machine with the expansion of the workshop, entered into a new formation under the name of KEFELI OLUKLU MUKAVVA AMBALAJ SANAYİ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ with institutionalization on 19.12.2006.

Our company, which has a desire for continuous growth, has purchased 6100 m2 of land in Samsun Organized Industrial Zone in 2009 by converting its revenues into investments. The company has been continuing its activities in this factory since the beginning of 2010 by constructing the facility with a closed area of ​​4500 m2 on this land. Our company, which is constantly following the technological innovations, has increased the printing speed and quality again by renewing the printing and line machine in this new facility. At the beginning of 2011, our company has once again increased its printing quality and production quantity by incorporating an Inline printing machine, which can print 10,000 pieces per hour fully automatically and has the ability to print in 3 colors, paste, count, bind and print special cut boxes. When our company came to the middle of 2011, it was the first company in Samsun and its region to produce corrugated cardboard sheets at the beginning of 2012, by purchasing a corrugated cardboard machine in order to realize its desire to produce the "corrugated cardboard sheet" required for the production of parcels and packaging of all types and sizes. Corrugated cardboard is produced in machines that require high precision and energy. Our company produces the "corrugated cardboard sheet", which was previously supplied from factories in other cities, in the desired quality and size in the corrugated cardboard machine, turns the printed and unprinted sheet into a parcel in the parcel machine according to the wishes of the customers, packs it after sewing or gluing, and then proceeds to the shipment process. Our company, which continues to increase its development and production capacity in parallel with the developments in the manufacturing industry in the region and the increase in the number of shopping malls, has focused on mechanization so that all kinds of corrugated cardboard boxes required by the manufacturers are of higher quality at the production level. For this purpose, it continues its services in the sector with better printing and new shaped box production and design.

The principle of Kefeli Corrugated Cardboard; It successfully continues its services in the sector with a qualified staff and new technologies, to adapt to technological development and change in the sector in the world and in Turkey, to increase the quality of products and services. Kefeli Corrugated Cardboard continues its activities as a firm that has a voice in this sector in Samsun and the region, by always showing sensitivity to the training of human resources, innovation of technology and customer-oriented philosophy, continuing its decisive steps towards becoming a leader, not a follower in the sector.


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